White leaders, in particular founders in the nonprofit sector, need to step aside. Step aside, quietly and without fanfare, and cede space for leaders of color at the helms of our institutions, the heads of our committee tables, and the podiums of our plenaries. Eighty percent of all nonprofits are white-led, and that figure rises to ninety percent for the 315 largest nonprofits in the country. And when our successors of color proceed to dismantle and remake those institutions, those structures, those committees, those sacred…Continue Reading “Dear White Colleagues, We Need to Step Aside.”

Mission Motivation and Why It Matters The nonprofit sector is home to a staggering diversity of missions and purposes, but there are just two archetypal origins that inspire mission, or mission motivations. Missions are either primarily motivated by external or internal forces to the individual or group defining the mission. The category your mission falls into may help explain some of the inequities in funding you encounter as well as the manner in which you argue impact, build a resource model, think about scale, and…Continue Reading “The Inequities of Doing Good”

Why Fiscal Sponsors Might Lead the Reimagination of our Post-COVID Sector Fiscal sponsors are well positioned to lead our sector to reimagine and reconstruct a more sustainable, impactful and equitable social good community in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet the fiscal sponsorship ecosystem is under-built, poorly understood, and itself struggling with lack of capacity. In recent weeks, we have heard calls in the nonprofit sector for reimagination and reconstruction, not recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Recovery” implies returning to a previous state. Our…Continue Reading “A Call to Action for Fiscal Sponsors”