Can the Nonprofit Sector be Saved? The nonprofit sector today is threatened not only by forces of financial insolvency, as we are most often inclined to point out, but more critically by its rooting in white corporate culture and supremacist practices. Though our sector is one of the battle fronts for social justice, to what degree can we use instruments wrought by white supremacy for its own undoing?  So the critical question is not whether the sector can be reimagined in a more financially sustainable…Continue Reading “A Question of Redemption”

White leaders, in particular founders in the nonprofit sector, need to step aside. Step aside, quietly and without fanfare, and cede space for leaders of color at the helms of our institutions, the heads of our committee tables, and the podiums of our plenaries. Eighty percent of all nonprofits are white-led, and that figure rises to ninety percent for the 315 largest nonprofits in the country. And when our successors of color proceed to dismantle and remake those institutions, those structures, those committees, those sacred…Continue Reading “Dear White Colleagues, We Need to Step Aside.”